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New destination! Tranquility, relaxation, luxury, Health & Happiness. We live lavishly in 60 square meter rooms in the most beautiful surroundings at the 4-star Jannata Resort & Spa.

A boutique property with wonderful forrest views, only a 10-minutes drive from Ubud's cultural heartland. Attuned to the surrounding environment through a thoughtful design that respects Bali’s rich artistry and cultural heritage.

You are welcome to join us on a luxury all inclusive yoga retreat, here everything is arranged so you can relax and enjoy the days. Here we wish for you to experience inner peace and harmony.

The practice: Movement, Meditation & Matcha The Tibetan Rites, Dragon Dance Yoga, Yin & Yang Yoga and Meditation. After practice we enjoy Matcha, the Japanese green tea with an abundance of health in it. The meals are vegetarian food, after meals it is pool time, time to enjoy life, breathe and feel. At the same time, you will come to life by feeling the warmth of the sun, take in the lush surroundings, let go of everyday life at home and live the good life while the energy in the body calms down and is replenished. Ahhh, the luxury of doing nothing, how good it feels.

These simple rituals have great health rewarding effects and you will feel strengthened both physically and mentally. The Tibetan rites are built up along the way from starting with five repetitions on day 1 which we gradually increase day by day throughout the stay. The yoga will be light, no advanced poses, easy does it.

In addition to the morning practice, we will also practice Breathwork and Yin/Restorative Yoga in the evenings. You will learn about the Tibetan Rites, where they come from, what they actually do to the body, and you will take home a booklet for inspiration for further practice.

Your yoga teacher is Maria Djoenne from Bergen/Norway. Experienced, trained in different styles of yoga and with more than ten years of teaching experience. You are in good hands.


This retreat is designed for relaxation purposes,the modern time luxury we all crave. We take a trip to Ubud and to the nearby Tjampuhan Hillbut otherwise nothing is planned. You will be offered to book other excursions while we are there, but you will take that on your own as needed.

Yin & Yang yoga and silent meditation are taught. Yoga is suitable for those who like to move the body, strengthen the body, relax and feel deep stretches.


We practice yoga in the morning and afternoon/evening, you manage the days yourself. It will be possible to book extra excursions, massage and spa treatments.


Jannata, our home away from home with its beautiful pools, gardens and spacious areas both inside and outside where you will feel the invitation to just relax. You should have enough time to enjoy lazy hours where not much else happens other than sunbathing, swimming, reading, etc.




  • 9 nights at our home away from home Jannata Resort

  • Yoga lessons twice daily

  • All meals, twice daily

  • Matcha every morning

  • Healthy snacks

  • Free transportation to Ubud

  • Daily afternoon coffee/tea

  • Trip to Tjampuhan Hill


  • Evening meal on the day we arrive

  • Brunch and dinner for the next 7/8 days

  • Breakfast on the day we travel home


  • Campuhan mountain ridge - 30 min on foot

  • Ubud Royal Palace - 45 min on foot

  • Ubud Traditional Art Market - 45 min on foot

  • Ubud Monkey Forest

  • Agung Rai Art Museum


  • 07.30-09 Movement Meditation & Matcha

  • 10.00 Brunch

  • Free time for the pool, trips to Ubud, massage, other excursions

  • 17.00 Yoga

  • 19.00 Dinner

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