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tir. 09. mai




Are you fond of everyday luxury, to enrich your life and to enhance moods, health and overall wellbeing? Join the Monday Morning Hotel Breakfasts!

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09. mai, 07:40

OPUS XVI, Vågsallmenningen 16, 5014 Bergen, Norge


Bli med på en hyggelig, sosial frokost på en ellers helt ordinær mandags morgen!

Are you fond of everyday luxury, to enrich your life and enhance moods, health and wellbeing? Join the Monday Morning Hotel Breakfasts! Once a month we come together to celebrate life and add a smooth and luxurious start to the new week.

I LOVE everyday luxury. I never want do wait for the weekend, or for the summer vacation, LIFE happens here and now, lets enjoy this experience as much as possible! By adding simple luxury here and there, life suddenly feels lighter and more joyful. And even if we indulge in croissants, cheese and lots of food the Monday Morning Hotel Breakfast experience is really good for both health and happiness.

We meet at 07:30 and sit down at our table where I will introduce myself, and also invite you to introduce yourself to the group. This is a social event where we all get to meet new people and widen our horizons. After a short hello and welcome, we will EAT huge, shameless amounts, really dig into what the hotel has to offer and INDULGE.

Feel free to put your red lipstick on and dress up if this is your thing, Be the Empress & Be the Queen in your own life this morning. I promise you will feel great!

It is up to you how long you stay. (Usually time flies, and one or two hours suddenly feels like 30 minutes.)

The hotel we visit June 5th:

OPUS XVI where we will enjoy the wonderful a la carte breakfast menu on offer.


  • This event is for women only.
  • For a maximum 7 participants.
  • You don´t have to bring someone to join, just come along!
  • Last chance for booking is the Friday before. No refunds.
  • Booking within Thursday 1st, 14:00

I will e-mail you further details a few days before the event. Please save my e-mail adress to be sure you receive my mail:

A very warm welcome!



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