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I love to create. To be creative. Having studied Window Display Design, Exhibition Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Styling/MakeUp and also being an experienced Yoga Teacher, I no longer try to define myself. Instead I just do what feels interesting, fun and rewarding, right here and right now. Life anyway seems to constantly bring on new projects. Best to prepared, don´t want to miss out on anything, right?

Some projects I have previously worked on:

  • Costume design for a variety of short films. Rewarded at The Short Film Festival in Grimstad 

  • Styling for photo: a bunch of commercial shoots, styling for artists and fashion photography

  • Webdesign for different companies

  • Window Display Design for Sundt department store 2011-2017

  • Creating my own clothing collections Grrly Maria and Hotel by Djoenne 2002-until present

  • Performing/dancing with young children on stage with Ingerine Dahl in her performance concert Solitude: Festspillene in Bergen 2017 and Ultima Festivalen in Oslo 2019

  • Facilitated my own three days festival -Zen in the City in Bergen 2019

  • Running my yoga studio for about 8 years in Bergen 2013-2021

I am more into style, as trends, as we well know, always fades. My personal style is both eclectic, maximalistic, colorful, classy and timeless, sometimes with hints of quirkiness and kitsch.


Practicing since 2005, and teaching classes, trainings and retreats as my main occupation since 2012. I love teaching and guiding you through slow paced yoga classes, to nourish the physical body, our mind, spirit and soul. The asanas I see as tools that enables us to access our deeper, hidden energetic and emotional layers. Where emotions and dreams are stored.


Yoga is a way of life. A life philosophy as well as a spiritual practice. This will sometimes be discussed during practice. As we practice yoga, our view on life is constantly changing, allowing us to open up to life in a different way from a wider angle.

Living in Norway, at least until my son grows up. He is already taller than his dad, so I have started to dream about leaving my home country to go and live somewhere else. In a few years time. 

My work is my passion, I do try to balance everything, but usually end up doing what others would call work. I call it a lifestyle.


If you have any ideas or projects you would like me to lend a hand to,

do get in touch.

With Love


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