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Image by Yuriy Kovalev

the Do Nothing Ritual

1. do Nothing Ritual

Why :

  • gain more energy

  • allow tension to release

  • total rest

  • reset

  • come back to neutral

You will need :

  • a quiet space

  • a mat

  • a blanket

  • a timer

How to :

  • Lie down on the mat

  • Feet about shoulder with apart

  • Arms a bit out to the sides, palms facing up

  • Cover yourself with the blanket, stay warm

  • Set timer to 12-20 minutes

  • Close your eyes.

  • Rest until timer tells you it is time to continue the day

do Nothing

2. Listening

​Why :

  • come back to your senses

  • listen to what is

  • turn inwards to connect to yourself

  • allow answers to arrive

  • come back to your core, gain clarity

You will need :

  • a quiet space

  • a meditation cushion

  • a candle

  • oracle cards

How to :

  • set up a nice, simple space for the ritual, light the candle

  • get comfortably seated, spine straight and relaxed

  • close your eyes and start to listen: How do I feel. Where am I in Life. Who am I. What do I need.

  • not judging. Only listening.

  • now do a silent meditation 5-20 minutes

  • after meditation ask your oracle  cards for guidance

Image by elCarito


Image by Jeremy Bezanger

Morning coffee or

tea Ritual

3. Morning coffee or tea Ritual

​Why :

  • start the day peacefully

  • find calmness before entering the outside world

  • connect (instead of disconnecting)

  • open up to greatness surrounding you 

You will need :

  • a beautiful cup, a cup you favour

  • delicious coffee or tea

  • a candle

  • a quiet place to sit

  • a window facing a tree, the sky or other parts of nature

How to :

  • fill your cup with freshly brewed coffee or tea

  • light the candle

  • sit down, spine straight, shoulders relaxing

  • watch the sky, the trees, connect with nature

  • enjoy small zips of your drink

  • try to not think, just be, become one with nature, mother earth, the Universe

  • notice how you are part of something bigger

  • when your cup is empty, just say Thank You. Now enjoy the day

Morning Coffe

4. Chi and body Maintenance

​Why :

  • maintain the flow of your life force

  • maintain your physical body

  • feel strong

  • feel light

  • feel flexible

You will need :

  • floor space

  • a yoga mat 

  • to know your yoga

  • a timer

How to :

  • stand at the top of your yoga mat

  • palms together in front of the chest

  • relax your eyes, return to stillness

  • when ready do two rounds of Sun Salutations, slowly, with grace

  • pause

  • now do Warrior 2, both sides

  • pause. Slowly, with grace

  • do two more rounds of Sun Salutations, slowly, with grace

  • pause

  • now do a balance pose of choice

  • pause

  • do one last Sun Salutation

  • and now set your timer and do a 15 minutes Savasana


Chi and body Maintenance

Chi and body
Image by Chelsea Gates

the Mudra meditations

5. the Mudra meditations

​Why :

  • mudras are medicine, always at hand

  • for better health

  • for a stronger you

You will need :

  • a quiet place to sit or lie down

  • a timer

How to :

  • choose the Mudra you need


  • Prana Mudra : the tips of your thumb, ring finger and little finger touching on both hands. To strengthen your immune system, to reduce tiredness and fatigue

  • Apana Mudra : the tips of your thumb, index and ring fingers touching on both hands. To remove impurities from your body, help when menstruating, relieve constipation, gas and stomach pain

  • Prithvi Mudra : the tips of your thumb and ring fingers touching on both hands. To balance the element Earth in your body, to ground, to improve body weight, blood circulation, digestive power and vitamin deficiency associated problems

  • sit with your back straight and relaxed, or lie down. 

  • set your timer to 15-20 minutes

  • find your mudra, relax. Do not strain

  • close your eyes

  • When the timer goes off, release the mudra and open your eyes to get on with your day

Mudra meditations
Beauty ritual

6. the Beauty Ritual

​Why :

  • for wellbeing

  • for that feeling of luxury

  • for spending more quality time with yourself

  • for better circulation 

  • to make you glow

You will need :

  • a delicious oil for your face

  • a facial cleanser and a facial mask

  • time alone

  • a meditation cushion or a chair

  • a candle

  • a timer

How to :

  • light your candle

  • tie back your hair and cleanse your face

  • apply your facial mask

  • now sit down, spine straight, relax

  • set your timer to 15 minutes, or as long as you want your facial mask to sit

  • close your eyes, come into stillness, enjoy the stillness and this time just for you

  • when the timer goes off, remove the mask

  • now, facial oil massage. Use a good amount of oil, make sure it is a good oil with natural ingredients only. Spend 5-10 minutes massaging the oil onto your face, neck and under the collar bones.

  • allow your skin to become red and warm. This will increase the blood flow to the surface of your skin, boost the circulation and the lymphatic system

  • now enjoy your new glow and notice if you might even feel quite refreshed?

Image by Kadarius Seegars

the Beaty Ritual

Image by Pablo Hermoso


7. Breathe

​Why :

  • for better health

  • for eliminating toxins

  • to create more space in your body

  • to make your organs function even better 

  • to make you refreshed and calm

You will need :

  • a calm place to sit down

How to :

  • sit down, rest your hands, shoulders, belly and face

  •  do ten long, gentle, deep, wide belly breaths. Inhale through the nose, exhale through nose or mouth. Inhale more space to your body, exhale and let the body relax, let go, release

  • After ten deep breaths just sit. Sit and notice, let it all integrate and then get on with your day.

  • Repeat as often as needed. Remember to always sit down while doing this ritual

Empress and Queen

8. Be the Empress, be the Queen

​Why :

  • for better self worth

  • for taking your power back

  • to feel worthy

  • to make you feel like you own your own life (which we always do, but sometimes we give our power away) 

  • to make you strong and grounded

You will need :

  • a calm place to sit down

  • a candle

  • a timer

  • whatever makes you feel good. Maybe start with the Beaty Ritual? I like putting on a dress, nice earrings and lipstick

How to :

  • sit down, spine straight. Rest your hands, shoulders, belly and face

  • light your candle. Set your timer to 15-20 minutes

  • close your eyes and let the meditation start 

  • feel your roots growing into the ground. Connecting you to Mother Earth. The longer and stronger they grow, the taller you become. Now allow your spine to become longer and stronger, reaching for the sky. Feel your power growing, notice how you become more grounded. Allow yourself to glow up. Focus on this throughout the whole meditation

  • remember, the Empress just sits and allows everything to come to her, never chasing anything. The Queen holds enormous power. You got this. Be the Empress and be the Queen in your own life, or be the Emperor and be the King

Image by Nathan Mcgregor

Be the Empress,

be the Queen, or be the Emperor and be

the King

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